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Dec 25, 2009 . Actually, it is humane to keep a goldfish in a bowl, as long as the water is good, and as long as the fish can be relocated to a pond or large . Jan 13, 2013 . Hi I recently brought a bowl that i planned on making into a gold fish bowl, but first thought I should do some research. It is very large if you held . Mar 5, 2008 . My 5 year old son has had two goldfish living in a large bowl for. .. Keeping any fish in a tank and not in a large pond or river is cruel period.Aug 8, 2004 . council of Monza, Italy, banned citizens from keeping goldfish in bowls.. Food giant Tetra ( gives advice on its Web site . ~ Give each TEEN a fishbowl. ~ Spin the spinner or roll the die and put that many fish in your bowl. My bowl has 3 fish, your bowl has 6 fish. More » Results 1 - 24 of 116 . Large Plastic Fish Bowl and Lid 11". Yorkshire Leather. . Fish Water Tank Bowl Plastic Aquarium Colour Goldfish Container (Pink).However, goldfish bowls are the equivalent to putting your goldfish in the. And remember, a good filter is still not a substitute for large, weekly water changes!Mistake #1: Buying a goldfish bowl or very small tank. They also produce a lot of waste, which means that you need a large amount of water to dilute their . LARGE GOLDFISH BOWL. £9.99. 0 bids. Hi, this is a Large bowl. There are no scratches or anything. I have placed the paper book to give a sense of scale.May 13, 2009 . caption id=attachment_94 align=alignleft width=166 caption=Large goldfish that barely fits into the small bowl][/caption] So, can a goldfish . more

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