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True Temper Alpha Q Carbon Cyclocross Fork - Forks from Ben's Cycle. Free Shipping USA. Product Detail; Product Specs; Features; Video & Media. Reviews . Fork Alpha Q "Z-Pro" 373mm axle-to-crown length Threadless … Category: Forks &. Fork Alpha Q "GS 30" Threadless 1 1/8" diameter steerer 300… Category: . Feb 21, 2011 . Here, Zinn and manufacturers answer questions about rider weight. An Alpha Q fork that has been damaged (usually evident as a crack) .

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The Alpha-Q fork, developed by Dr. Kyu Lee, was the first of the. Dr. Lee's design enabled him to reduce the weight of his forks . Find great deals on eBay for Alpha Q Fork in Forks. Shop with confidence.The Alpha-Q is 2x the cost and a tiny bit heavier (I think on account of the aluminum steerer).. Weight isn't exactly the only factor here .Dec 3, 2002 . Also, I've heard some argue that the light weight of carbon forks give a. An Alpha Q fork that has been damaged (usually evident as a crack) . Alpha Q GS10 Carbon Fork. Features: - Grand Tour Series for uncompromising stiffness to weight ratio - Designed for road racing, criteriums, sprinting, and . The world s most advanced forks that excel under the punishing demands of professional cyclists OX platinum. Alpha Q CS10 Carbon Fork. Weight: 445g.Jan 26, 2013 . The CS-10 fork, blending of True Temper proprietary OX platinum steerer tube into an Alpha Q carbon fiber blade. 505g 44mm rake 300mm .

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